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Month: September 2015

Nathalie and Peter’s Wedding

  Last year, on a beautiful autumn’s day, Fabula Films and Madi Photography had the chance to capture Nathalie and Peter’s wedding. Poland and Lebanon, being two completely different cultures and traditions, both share similar values. What stroke me the most in both sides of the family is how they each have their share of highly entertaining, funny, and sometimes goofy uncles and aunts. From the lebanese uncle doing the swimming dance moves to the aunt dancing to…

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The one thing married couples complain the most about before and after their wedding

  Prior to getting married, many couples complain that having a videographer or photographer is too expensive or its the last thing they want to plan for. After their wedding, the one thing brides complain to me about and regret the most is that they did not invest into a proper wedding videographer and photographer. A few months ago, a fellow photographer posted an article about how photography and videography for your wedding is an investment. Unfortunately, I did…

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