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Month: December 2015

Maya and Marc-Antoine – Le Chateau Classique

I always have a blast when friends of mine get married. Maya and Marc-Antoine are no exception. First off, I just want to say props to Maya and her mother for decorating their home for the wedding day. From the vintage bicycle and flowers on the front lawn to the beautifully decorated room where Maya was getting ready. I was really impressed by the attention to details. I walk into the room and I see…

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Leslie & Milo – Chapiteau Le Monarque

Saturday July 11 2015 9:00am – I look out through my window and I see a beautiful blue sky. I shower, put on my suit and head out to the hair dresser…got butterflies in my stomach… that’s normal… the feeling you get the morning of a wedding you’re about to film. Leslie, dressed with her bridal wardrobe, sitting on the hairdresser chair is texting someone. I’m thinking it must be Milo. The smile on her…

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