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I do what I love because of them, my parents

Welcome to my new blog!

I wanted to start this blog with a thank you post and not so much about wedding cinematography.

Almost 8 years ago, on June 1st 2007, before Fabula Films, I decided to open my first business. At the time, I was a web designer with a passion for video and cinema, designing websites, offering web hosting and doing video production. Incorporating a business, unlike what some people think, was, and still is, very simple in Montreal:

You fill up a few documents, choose your business name, pay your 300$ and some fee, and then wait for your Constitution document. Voila! WebAMP Solutions. A new small business is born.

I did not know at the time the struggles and challenges that were going to face me in running a small business…finding the right partner(s) to join in this exciting venture, finding the right accountant, finding the right developer, dealing with difficult customers, trying to grow the business to the next level…the list goes on and the stress builds up.

Up to recently, I’ve had to make important decisions in my life in order to get where I am and they weren’t always straight forward decisions. Some people in my surroundings felt my struggles through these growing pains. They would ask me if I needed help, if everything was ok and I’d say: “Yes, don’t worry about it! I’m managing, I’m doing fine” but the reality of it all is that I was struggling and I was too proud to say other wise. I never wanted people to think that I was in financial troubles or that I was unsure of what was going to happen in the following month(s). It’s like when I was a teenager growing up…I would “rebel” against the people that love me and care for me. My mom would tell me (and she still tells me): “Wear a warmer coat, you’re going to get sick with this light jacket.” and of course I’d talk back explaining how she shouldn’t worry about it, its not that cold…but knowing really well that when I went outside, in our freezing Canadian winter, I wish I had done what my mom would tell me.

Some background on me… I come from Lebanese parents who moved away from Lebanon when I was about 4 years old because of the raging civil war that was happening back then. I lived at my parents past 25 and like many Lebanese families, us kids, stay at our parents until we either get married or work requires us to move out. In my case, work was one of the decisions that lead me to leave the comfort of my parents home but I wasn’t far away and coming back to see my parents on almost a daily basis. Who could resist a warm home cooked meal 🙂

I’m not saying that its not such a good idea to sometime talk back to your parents, (keep in mind, our parents know what it feels like, they’ve been there before us, “rebelling” against their own parents) I think what I’m trying to say is listen to them, even if you don’t agree with what they tell you, just listen, don’t be impatient and don’t think that they are trying to control you or something.

No I did not inherit from parents with a video production company but instead they gave me the values which I live by every day. I’m very grateful and lucky to have parents like this. I know this sounds “cheesy” but I wouldn’t be doing what I love and wouldn’t be where I am right now if they weren’t there, every day, caring for me, giving me advice and loving me.

Thank you Maurice and Ibtissam!

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