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Leslie & Milo – Chapiteau Le Monarque

Saturday July 11 2015

9:00am – I look out through my window and I see a beautiful blue sky. I shower, put on my suit and head out to the hair dresser…got butterflies in my stomach… that’s normal… the feeling you get the morning of a wedding you’re about to film.

Leslie, dressed with her bridal wardrobe, sitting on the hairdresser chair is texting someone. I’m thinking it must be Milo. The smile on her face was a very familiar one. The smile of a bride-to-be who’s excited to walk down the aisle with her father, for that precious moment when her husband-to-be, finally sees her in her dazzling princess wedding dress.

You could easily feel the excitement of the bridesmaids and maid of honor as they were getting their makeup done. All of the past years of friendships have led to this important moment. Today will be another one of these days that they will remember for a lifetime.

Milo and his groomsmen were no different. Very festive, always huddled together, cracking jokes. A group of good looking young men whose long-time love for their friend Milo is obvious and palpable. Not to mention, Milo’s gorgeous Miami style apartment. This guy really knows how to impress!

For me, these initial moments are very important – they determine the outcome of my day and of their wedding film.

For a wedding cinematographer like myself to know that his day is going to be awesome, no matter how cramped you are in that hair and makeup salon, no matter how busy and noisy it is in there, all it takes is the radiant smiles on the beautiful faces of fun-loving people.

Choosing the right reception venue to host 350 people is (as you’ve probably guessed it) very challenging. I can say this because my fiancée and I are going through this whole reception venue research process as I am writing this post. You have to walk into the venue and get that feeling in your heart telling you this is the place! This is what I have dreamed of all these years!

With its enormous and elegant tent that accommodates both a cocktail area inside & outside, a very large reception hall, a beautiful golf course, and amazing food, Le Monarque simply makes other venues jealous.

Add an amazing celebrity DJ to the mix, like DJ Yo-C, (whom, btw, in all the events we’ve both assisted to as professionals, I’ve never seen taking a break to sit and grab a bite to eat), with his awesome remixes of 80’s, 90’s and trending music, and you’re sure to never keep the dance floor empty.

If it wasn’t already enough, Leslie & Milo flew in a marching brass band all the way from Lebanon that not only offered a very entertaining bride and groom entrance, but entertained the guests all night long with remixes of all-time French and English classics using their instruments. These excellent musicians, Black & White band, are really one of a kind! I’ve never seen this amount of energy come out from a wedding band for the whole duration of the evening!
Black & White band

If after reading this post I didn’t convince you that we (and by we, i also mean my assistants and the photographer) had an amazing time at Leslie & Milo’s wedding, then I think this fun wedding trailer we put together just might do the trick.

Congratulations Leslie & Milo!

BONUS: Just so that I don’t leave you with only a tease of what their wedding reception was like, check out this video I put together showing part of Leslie and Milo’s entrance with the Black & White band introducing them. Enjoy!

A BIG thank you to Rabih Madi from MADI Photography for letting me use his truly beautiful pictures for my blog and trailer posters. Rabih’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, look no further. Check out his website at

First Cinematographer – Patrick Saad
Second Cinematographer – Dominic Fillion
Sound Technician – Christo Saba (
Photographer – Rabih Madi (
Reception Hall – Chapiteau Le Monarque (
DJ – DJ Yo-C (
Band – Black and White (
Wedding Planner – Liana Casella (

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