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Maya and Marc-Antoine – Le Chateau Classique

I always have a blast when friends of mine get married. Maya and Marc-Antoine are no exception.

First off, I just want to say props to Maya and her mother for decorating their home for the wedding day. From the vintage bicycle and flowers on the front lawn to the beautifully decorated room where Maya was getting ready. I was really impressed by the attention to details.
Maya home

I walk into the room and I see Maya, sitting down, getting her hair and make up done, calm. So calm, she seemed to actually relax everyone else in the room. That’s Maya for you… a beautiful woman with a calm attitude. No stress.

I did not know Marc-Antoine very well but I did know that this gentleman has not only class, but a great sense of humour. Seems to run in the family too.

Come to think of it both Maya and Marc-Antoine offer something different in their characters, complimenting each other but also helping me and my team in our work. They make our day a lot easier with their qualities, which we cherish: easy going, funny and respectful.

The day ended beautifully but the evening had just started for our lovebirds! It’s pretty obvious that your guests are having a great time when all you see them doing is jumping around and lifting almost all of the bridal party on their shoulders. In fact, I stopped keeping count of the times they did that for Maya, Marc-Antoine, their parents and siblings.
Reception party
Reception Party

Congratulations Maya and Marc-Antoine!

First Cinematographer – Patrick Saad
Second Cinematographer – Noah Leon
Assistant Videographer – Jeannine Tchakmakian
Sound Technician – Christo Saba (
Photographer – Rabih Madi (
Reception Hall – Salle De Reception Le Chateau Classique (
DJ – DJ Mario (

Another big thank you to Rabih from MADI Photography for these beautiful photos of Maya and Marc-Antoine’s wedding. Check out his website at

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