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Nathalie and Peter’s Wedding


Last year, on a beautiful autumn’s day, Fabula Films and Madi Photography had the chance to capture Nathalie and Peter’s wedding.

Poland and Lebanon, being two completely different cultures and traditions, both share similar values. What stroke me the most in both sides of the family is how they each have their share of highly entertaining, funny, and sometimes goofy uncles and aunts. From the lebanese uncle doing the swimming dance moves to the aunt dancing to her traditional polish songs.

Crazy Uncle and Aunt

When you have a big presentation to do to your boss and colleagues at work, do you tend to stress a little the morning of, while getting ready to go to work?

What if it was your wedding day, you’d think that there must be some level of anxiety and stress at the start of your day, right? Well, for Natalie and Peter, stress was definitely the last thing on their mind on their wedding day.

The kind of worry they had was if the groomsmen should wear their “hipster” socks or just some regular black socks. Should the bridesmaids do a cheesy pose for the camera or keep it natural. (Spoiler alert: they ended up going for the “hipster” socks and cheesy pose.)

Bridesmaids Hipster socks

When the DJ tells you that the couple will make an entertaining entrance with a Lebanese troop, I usually expect 4 or 5 dancers with a big drum entrance, where everyone just sits back and watches as they perform their show. That’s not what really happened. Nat and Peter hired 2 drummers, one playing darbuka, the other a traditional lebanese drum. These 2 entertainers sure know how to get the crowd going. The guests were not just standing around the couple and clapping their hands, no, everyone was on the dance floor dancing the Lebanese folkloric dance, dabke, with and around the newlyweds.

Derbake Performers


Nathalie and Peter…a beautiful and genuine couple.

Pictures taken above are from MADI Photography. Check out his beautiful portfolio here.

Photographer: Rabih Madi (
Make-up: Sana Mrad (
Hair: Tony from Karisma A.H.
DJ: Garo Zoulamian (
Reception Venue: Le Crystal (


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