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Why some wedding videographers might not be the right fit

Ok, no that’s not me and most probably not a wedding videographer but putting this drama aside, I get many emails from couples looking for a wedding videographer to film their wedding asking me what are my packages and prices before I even know anything about their wedding.

Future bride pricing request

I do have a base price and packages but it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

I called the bride that requested pricing info and found out that during the reception and cocktail there would be 3 different bands and 2 DJs playing and another band playing during the ceremony. I could already tell that this wedding will require extra personnel to monitor and setup audio.

Our services are tailored to the needs of your special day or event. Not all weddings are the same. A 30 minute outdoor ceremony is not the same as a 3-hour ceremony. Amongst other things, we have to account for the duration of filming and editing. The more footage we will be filming, the more work we spend on post-production as well hence why prices may vary from one wedding to another.

There are many video production companies that offer wedding video services but that have a “one size fits all” business approach and this usually works because these videographers film for a pre-determined edit (scripted), making pricing for their services easily packaged. I’m not saying that these videographers are not good at what they do, all I’m saying is that this approach might not be what some couples are looking for. So when choosing your videographer and he tells you that his price is set no matter how long certain events are in your big day,  its a good idea to ask him/her if his team shoots for a pre-determined edit, not only is it a particular style of filming and editing but it will most likely make a big difference in what you’re wedding film will look like.

Let us know, what are common miss understandings you have when booking your wedding videographer?

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